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Saturday Study

A few things going on at the Butcher household…full time careers, animals to tend to, a baby on the way (enjoying all the kicks and movements at 30 weeks!), nursery prep, life prep (finances, career planning, noting how all our normal routines are going to change when this little one enters the world- goodbye sleeping-in and spontaneous antique road trips!), and coming up in just less than a month…my design licensing test, section 2!

The NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) is a bit more rigorous than one might expect. Not only does it cover things like space planning, safety, building codes, materials and finishes, accessibility, etc…you are also tested on plumbing, HVAC, electrical, systems integration, and interior design business principles.

I’ve taken this test once before and passed section 1… so now it’s time to tackle section 2 (of 3) before they switch to a new computer system and I lose credit for the first part I passed!

A dream poster on the front of my study binder is keeping me inspired…photos of Matt and me exploring nature, cute babies, a trendy mom working from home, and other things that represent a balanced lifestyle….all things that are motivating me to get my license so I can be professional and gain the freedom that I am desiring.

If you’ve got a task in front of you that is necessary and daunting, remember that it doesn’t have to necessarily be daunting! Try this: take an hour to create something visual as a reminder of why your task is important and worth while- I bet you’ll find yourself refreshed thinking about things you love and determined to accomplish the task at hand. Be sure to put your visual cue in place where you’ll see it often- you might even make a few copies and put them all over!

Okay, the animals are settled and Matt is working on his personal weekend to do list so….enough chit chat- time for me to dive into some study material!

My Dream Poster

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