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Preparing the nest & getting excited!!!

Time has gone so fast… the NCIDQ test is behind me (I feel pretty good about it, and will receive results in January)….and we are three weeks and five days away from Baby Elijah’s due date!

It is definitely an exciting time. Not only is baby coming soon…it’s college football season (Roll Tide), Florida weather is starting to cool down, holidays are fast approaching, lots of family time in the plans, two weeks left of full time work- which means a lot of time around the house playing “Mommy” and soaking up all the special times the holiday season brings (i.e. loving on our fresh and sweetest blessing- counting little fingers and toes, rocking us both to sleep, watching Elijah bond with his Daddy, plus (time permitting) crafts, gift making, decorating, cooking, baking, etc.)!

We’ve been really busy preparing for Elijah the last few months…. projects have included popcorn ceiling removal, new carpet, painting (thanks to my dad for doing such a great job!), mobile-making, dresser- painting, fabric selecting, registry building, curtain hardware creating (out of metal plumbing parts!), art framing & hanging, baby laundry, car seat installing, hospital bag packing….whew!

We were blessed with three beautiful baby showers- church friends, work friends, and family friends. Gifts have been abundant and all of our needs and wants have been exceeded! So many practical and cute things…this little one is all set up!

Something special- Elijah will be baptized at the Christmas Eve candlelight service this year. Matt’s Mom and Dad will be here with us and it will be a very special time for us to dedicate Elijah while celebrating the birth of Jesus- a sweet experience it will be indeed!

Check out these photos to see the progress of the nursery…

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  1. Aunt K

    Pictures look great! and it’s even better in person! Excited to hear of the baptizing on Christmas Eve – that will be really special! Can’t wait for the fun to begin!!!

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