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Catching up

Happy New Year! I trust you had a beautiful holiday season full of the good stuff that really matters.

It’s been so long since I’ve written and so much has happened…
There’s no way I could ever catch up, so I’ll give you the (very) condensed version of happenings over the past couple of months…

1. The absolute best thing: we welcomed Elijah Roy Butcher into our lives on November 17, 2013. Seven pounds, 15 ounces of precious– tiny fingers and toes, big alert eyes, full head of dark hair, baby nose, tiny ears…I can’t stop admiring him. Instinct tells me it wouldn’t matter what his features were…the motherly love thing just kicks in and hits hard, fast! (….more on his birth story later- including but not limited to: the miserable last few weeks of pregnancy; a grand finale of 16 hours of induced labor; breastfeeding comes naturally?! I think not.; “home at last…now what? We are freaking out a little here.”; “BINKI > gold”; and “sleep?…what’s that?”.)

2. More good news (though baby news is hard to follow)…I passed NCIDQ section two that I took in the Fall. This means I have one more section to go- planning to take in the spring and have my interior design license by the end of 2014. A resolution? I think so!

3. We are just now wrapping up the visit with Matt’s parents that I mentioned in the last post. Grandparents (“Mimi and Pops” from my side and “Grandma and Grandpa B” from Matt’s side) have been new parent essentials…from changing diapers and holding him while he sleeps to making meals and sweeping floors…providing reassurance and relief along the way. Help is not limited to grandparents either- we had friends and family dropping off full course meals, and great grandma babysitting and housekeeping too!

4. The holidays were full of special moments with our new little one: Macy’s Day
Parade and Dog Show with Elijah in our jammies on Thanksgiving morning, plenty of time around the house as a family, decorating our first family tree, a beautiful baptism on Christmas Eve, stroller walks in good Florida weather…and yes, we even got to do some crafts, house projects, and make some Christmas cookies (I have pictures to prove it)!

It has truly been the best season of our lives. I’m sure it will keep getting sweeter as Elijah grows up and discovers all kinds of new things in 2014.

As my open ended plan for maternity leave is about to expire, it’s time for me to get creative and be open to new opportunities that allow me to earn an income and be flexible for Elijah. Looking forward to sharing more with you more often this year…another resolution!



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