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An afternoon in nature

I am quickly finding one of the most glorious things about being a mom is living like a child again. There’s a deep passion that’s come over me to share everything beautiful with Elijah- quality time with friends & family, peaceful walks, riding with the windows down, sitting quietly, daytime naps, music that’s good for the soul, slow dancing in the living room, reading books, laughing over silly things- and it has me experiencing all these things right alongside him.

This week we discovered a charming little park that has been right under my nose for the 24 years I’ve called this town “home”. I pulled into the park entrance and was oddly surprised that there were so many people there. An elderly woman volunteer beckoned me near a sign that read “additional parking” and handed me an envelop to pay for parking. “Overflow parking?”… I asked her what the big deal was and she informed me all the manatees were in to keep warm from the polar vortex. (For those of you who don’t know, the nearby power plant keeps the water at higher temperature.)

I was excited to see the big lovable loafs as we approached the water to join several other onlookers. There were so many manatees I couldn’t keep count! Wow, it was fascinating. Elijah didn’t care too much, the fresh air/ stroller ride combo had set him up for a real nice nap. The weather was perfect- cool in the shade, warm in the sun. Even with all the people, it was totally peaceful.

Couldn’t help but wish Matt was with us instead of working. I was sweetly reminded of him throughout the park- all the native landscaping labeled with familiar names that he’s taught me over the past few years and a Spanish/English sign with a heartfelt message.

Baby feeding time crept up on me (easy to do when he’s eating every two hours), so I found a bench tucked away on a walking trail and bravely nursed him before he busted into an outrage (there is no time for games when baby’s hungry). A full tummy equals a happy baby, and a happy baby leads to a “you’re-so-cute-I-can’t-stand-it” photo shoot- always fun!

It was a special time for me to get out in Creation with a heart so thankful it’s busting at the seams. I have a good feeling we will be making a lot more memories there, too…it’s just our kind of place.




















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