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“Must-haves” for new mom and baby

Our house has evolved over the last 11 weeks, it’s like we had a “baby makeover” (or should I call it a baby takeover). It’s funny how somebody so little can quickly take over an entire household- something to snuggle in, observe from, or play with in every room. Binkis stuck in couch cushions, under media cabinets, and Lord knows where else. Blankets, bottles, onesies…they’re everywhere! But with the help of all these wonderful, well designed, new baby essentials- I must say…I’m enjoying the new look.

Here’s my top 20 favorite products and why I love them for new mom and baby:

1. Aidan & Anias Swaddling Wraps- Versatile and beautiful. Lightweight, breathable fabric makes them a great choice for sleeping, stroller, carseat canopy, and breastfeeding in public, too!
2. The Wubbanub- Baby loves binki. Baby looses binki. Baby cries. Well, not anymore! The wubbanub is always easy to find and cuddly fun, too. Genius.
3. Fisher Price Rock & Play- Keeps baby snuggled and on their back (which is hard to do sometimes, even though it’s best).
4. Vicks Cool Mist Starry Night Vaporizer- The white noise alone makes Elijah sleep sounder, plus the starry projector serves as a sweet night-light for those middle of the night feedings.

 5. Comfy Chair for Momma- Because she’s going to be there a lot.
6. Medela Breast Pump– Recommended by the hospital (some insurance companies are giving these out for free, check into it before you buy one).
7. Grass Drying Rack – Keeps everything stylishly clean and ready to go on the kitchen counter.
8. Playtex Nurser Bottles- Nice design and slow flow nipple is great for breast feeding mommas.

 9. Honest Company Diapers- Adorable and affordable, plus they are chemical free.  We also use Pampers Overnighters at bedtime so we don’t have to go through changing him in the middle of the night (that wakes us all up).
10. Wipes Warmer- in case you do have to do some midnight diapering

 11. Puj Infant Bath for the Sink- The womb-like design comforts the baby and having it the sink saves Mommy’s back. Plus, it folds for easy storage.
12. Hooded Towel- Because they are just too cute.

 13. Travel System- Car seat and stroller combo is great keeping you on the move without interrupting a sleeping baby.
14. Diaper Bag- a fun, practical way to be stylish and prepared.
15. Carrier- Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, or a sling…I love them all. The Moby Wrap was one of the only things that could get Elijah to sleep during the day in his first few weeks.
16. Jogging Stroller- This was an addition for us when Elijah got to be a couple months old. We got ours on Craigslist (in mint condition) for $40. They do sell the travel systems that include the jogging stroller, but it wouldn’t fit in my trunk -would highly recommend if your vehicle allows!

 17. Bouncer- Colorful design, toys hanging down, vibrations and bouncing? I think so. Elijah gets wide eyed with the “Oooo” face and starts kicking his legs like crazy when I put him in there.
18. Stroller Toys- Another obvious one.
19. Books- Elijah loves his “Jesus Loves Me” book- it’s full of black and white, high contrast images (which babies love). He also loves being read to because of the different ways we use our voices.
20. iphone/ipad/ Whatever Gadgets You’ve Got- Last but certainly not least…these things will keep you busy during the hours you spend nursing (I mean hours). It also ensures that you have a camera at all times for capturing sweet moments, editing, and sharing the baby love on all your social networks. I upgraded to the iphone 5s for Christmas and I am really impressed with the camera quality.

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New moms or friends of new moms…I hope you enjoyed the list!



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