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Our well traveled client found herself staying on home base more frequently so she came to us with a desire to transform her riverfront downtown apartment. Things on our to-do list: add lighting, create a functional office space, remove visual clutter, and update tired accessories for a more cohesive look. Her love of art and collections from world travel mixed with her hankering for a clean look led us to a unique design concept just for her.

Working with a limited budget, we planned a trip to Ikea and also hunted around town for unique budget friendly finds. The black and white rug was the first thing selected. The bold striped pattern provided a nice bold punch and balanced out the visual weight of the artwork. The bright white desk and credenza provided plenty of storage and went along with the clean look we were going for. A new minimal pedestal base for glass top dining table paired with smoke acrylic chairs makes the dining nook feel bigger and is more accessible. New light fixtures (some on dimmers) have multiple benefits- task lighting for desk area, accenting artwork, ambient lighting at dining table, and additional soft lighting for the living area. The dimmers give many options for creating different moods for the space. Black velvet stationary panels were added to either side of the sliders to soften the room and frame the view of the river. New throw pillows and other soft goods (including a $15 faux sheep skin treasure from ikea) completed the look.

During the process, we hauled off a large pickup truck load of her old furniture- which she so kindly elected to donate to our church thrift store.  She said goodbye to many things, though (with a smile on her face) confesses she feels liberated and loves living with less! Her new office station has made her significantly more productive and the best part is…she loves being home.

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